Live A Life Beyond.

When the unthinkable happens, can you still fulfill your cosmic destiny?

How do you integrate your multidimensionality, when it all seems impossible?

If you knew what’s on the “other side", would you live your life any differently than you are in this moment, right now?

As a millennial who has experienced a Starseed awakening in the aftermath of trauma, I’m here to tell you…

hey, starseed...

It's time to drop the #starseedstruggle.
Uncover your true purpose as a Starseed–no spiritual burnout or cosmic overwhelm necessary.

Coaching for Starseeds Who Want to Thrive

Ready to unlock your galactic blueprint?
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Discover Your Starchetype™️

So, you know you're a what? It's time to step into your multidimensional power. Your Starseed Archetype–Starchetype™️for short–holds the key to unleashing your divine self so you can cultivate a lifetime of abundance.

before you scroll any further...

The Download is where Saoirse Clare embraces her #Clarion Starchetype to share important energy updates with the collective.
If you're ready to learn more about how to optimize your divine & cosmic self, this quick weekly podcast is for you.

“I asked the Universe to show me my purpose, and it lead to you. Knowing my Starchetype has changed my life.”


I'm Saoirse,
a.k.a The Starseed Coach.

I’m a Starseed on a mission to help you uncover what serves you, what motivates you, which relationships help unleash your mojo, and whether you’re living your life with true intention as a co-creator with the universe.

When I was 27, I lost my Dad to brain cancer. When I was 28, my husband suddenly passed in a tragic helicopter accident. My life was broken into so many pieces, and just when I thought lightning couldn’t strike three times in one place, it did:


hey there!

I had a spiritual awakening.

Ready to Connect With Your Cosmic Wisdom?


Founded by Saoirse Clare, The Starseed Collective serves to connect all readers of Starseed Archetypes: The Ultimate Guide so they can learn more about their unique Starchetype, support others who are on their journey of Starseed awakening, and work together to build a bridge into the New Earth timeline and ascension consciousness on Earth 🙌

Here's What You'll Get When You Join:

  • Resources to help you learn the basics of how to activate your Starchetype Imprint

  • Monthly live community calls so you can have your questions answered by Saoirse

  • A space to connect with other Starseeds and awakening beings in a safe, supportive and empowering community

  • Starchetype-specific Illumination Phase prompts and journals to guide your 12-day upleveling journey each month

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