If you haven’t done so already, please take the Starseed Archetype Quiz! Knowing your Starchetype is a crucial part of our work together, as these offerings are designed to help new and seasoned Starseeds along their journey.

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Discover my Starchetype

The book that started it all… So you’re a Starseed. Now what?! This guidebook encompasses information about all of the Starseed Archetypes! Plus information like activating crystals, and affirmations personalized to your Starchetype! A must have beginners guide to everything Starchetypes.


What's Inside:

This 121 page full-color PDF download includes individual chapters on each Starchetype, as well as an overview of the Eight Macrocosmic Vigors, Ascendant Positions, Star Families, and an alignment inventory so you can determine how you are currently living your unique mission and life purpose.

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The Starchetype Mystery School


The Starchetype System Coaching Certification

If you're a holistic coach, energy practitioner or lightworker looking to create greater impact in your clients' results and relationships, this experience is for you. Be fully supported as a licensed Starchetype practitioner so you can learn how to work with individual client Starchetypes and call abundance into your business with this powerful paradigm.

Learn The New Way To Manifest, Step Into Your Cosmic Power, Shake Off Confusion And Self-Doubt, And Start Thriving As An Awakened Being! If you're ready to master the entire Starcheteype System so you can create a life of ease while living your cosmic purpose, join our immersive container now.

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Own Your Sh*ft

If you’re a Starseed ready to heal your life circumstances from grief, trauma, or toxic shame, I’d like to invite you to Own Your Sh*ft. Inside of this immersive workshop, you'll learn how to identify your core cosmic wounding and use it as a transformational vehicle for healing.

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You're at the apex of your awakening's time to make a quantum shift in how you perceive your multidimensional self. Inside of this immersive container, you'll receive subtle guidance in reframing your self-concept with my signature framework, The Four Pillars of Ascension.

New Money Matrix

Learn exactly why the Law Of Attraction is outdated and no longer works in our current timeline with this powerful course. Here, you'l heal your body's unique relationship with money and become fully ReSourced in your own sovereignty...allowing you to call more money in than ever before.

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The Starchetype Mystery School

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If you're ready to uplevel your reality as a Starseed, we should chat. I'm here to help you live your #bestlife while feeling fully connected to Source you can effortlessly experience the best that 3D, 5D and beyond have to offer.

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